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We provide a variety of printers for your printing needs

Copier and Printer Supplies

We have a large variety of office supplies for printers and copiers


We print everything from business cards to brochures


We create custom designs for your printing needs


If you have copier or printer service needs we can help

Repair Services

Because your office personnel rely on the copier or printer equipment to fulfill the copy and printing needs, it is important to have them up and running efficiently every day. We have extensive experience repairing and maintaining copiers and printers quickly so they are back online to mitigate the impact to the performance of your team.

If the office equipment isn’t performing correctly, including paper jams, service errors, copy/print quality challenges or printer connectivity issues, please contact us and one of our skilled team members will be happy to assist you.

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Our quality service does not stop after we sell you a printer or copier. We provide comprehensive repair services to keep your equipment performing. Al Roberge

Owner, TOPS

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